Horsemanship Programs

Meanginful Equine Connections

We believe horsemanship is a lifelong learning journey, and that the horses themselves are our gifted teachers. 

We follow a Relational Horsemanship approach, and as such, our Equine Connection programs are designed to nurture and facilitate deep reverence and connection with our small herd, and the land which we share.
Participants will begin on the ground, exploring and understanding equine behaviour, herd dynamics, and the process of setting safe boundaries and establishing clear communication. With these foundationans in place, and based on experience and comfort level of both horse and human, skill progression, horsemanship and riding instruction naturally follow. 

Through the simple nature of engaging in ranch work and routines, participants are immersed in rhythms of the natural world, and engaged in self-discovery and experiential learning. Learning outcomes emerge organically.

Working on the land, and with our animals, provides unlimited physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. Participants leave with a deep sense of connection to something larger than themselves, profound joy, and often, a newfound sense of resiliency.


Clubs & Camps

Little Stars Ranch Camp 

5-Day Summer Experiences for Youth 

July 15-19, 2024

We welcome youth to join the daily flow of ranch life!

Ranch camp is a full-day program that combines ranch experiences, horsemanship, nature crafts, garden experience, outdoor music, and land-based adventures (wildflower hunting, backcountry picnics, forest games, and more).

Pack your riding boots, backpack, lunch and bathing suit! 

8 registration spots available


Little Stars Fairy Camp

August 5-9, 2024

Ages 6+

In partnership with Conversations with Forests' Laurel Birk, this camp will weave together forest fairy magic, and time spent with our herd.

Youth will spend 5 days on the ranch, immersed in play, wild craft, song, garden explorations and horsemanship. All sprinkled with a little fairy dust, of course!

12 registration spots available


Wild Ones Ranch Club

Ages 6 - 12 years old

A mini version of our summer ranch program, Wild Ones Ranch Club will include active paticipation in ranch chores, horse care, grooming, horsemanship, gardening, crafts, land-based adventures and outdoor free play! 

Our club programs aim to nurture a growing community of youth that are passionate about horses, horsemanship and connecting with the natural world. 

Please note, this is not a riding instruction program. We will work with horses on the ground. 

6 Registration spots available per session (Dates TBD)


Equine Connection Sessions

One-to-One Custom Sessions

1-hour Private Horsemanship Sessions

Let us share the joy of horses with you!
Perhaps you've only dreampt of riding a horse and are ready to take a first step. Or you're a horse-crazy teen that needs a horse fix! Or maybe its been years since you've ridden and you are ready to get back in the saddle. Our sessions are customed designed to meet individuals' experience level and horsemanship goals. Participants, of all ages, will be introduced to equine behaviour, herd dynamics, horsemanship and basic riding instruction, through a relational horsemanship approach.

Designed for Adults (18+), but open to anyone 6+
Beginner to Intermediate Horsemanship Level 

$75 per session 
Ongoing sessions available after initial session

Youth Horsemanship Sessions

1-hour Semi-Private Horsemanship Sessions 

Fall 2023 Sessions 

Saturdays 1:00pm-2:00pm

Suitable for age 6+

Custom sessions designed to focus on riding instruction in a fun, playful, non-competitive environment. These sessions are for youth with previous riding experience.

Curriculum will meet the needs and stage of the participants and will include learning how to safely interact with horses (how to lead, tie, groom, and care for our equine friends), groundwork, and riding.  

2 Registration spots available per session


Joy of Horses 

30min First Introduction to Horses 

Suitable for ages 3 - 10 years old

*Riders must be able to hold themselves upright without support. 

This experience is for youth new to horses, and those who would benefit from the naturally theraputic benefits of equine connection. Spend time with our four-legged friends with one-to-one support.

15min Equine Connection Time & 15min Lead-line Horseback Ride 

Your child will connect with one of our horses (or pony!), be given basic safety instruction, learn how to brush a horse, and be led on horseback in our spectacular outdoor arena, or around the ranch property (comfort level dependant). We could call it a 'Pony Ride', but it's so much more!