Garden Programs

Upcoming Programs

Introduction to Organic Gardening

Learn how to create a productive organic vegetable, herb, and fruit garden. We will cover starting seeds indoors, when to plant, what to plant, companion planting and rotational gardening, perennials, adding nutrients, pest control, harvesting, preserving, and putting the garden to bed. Come ready to get your hands in the soil! 

Cost: $100 

Suitable for anyone interested in organic gardening, ages 13+

At Home Herbal Remedies

Learn how to use herbs to treat many common ailments safely and effectively. Teas, tinctures, oils, compresses, salves, infusions, etc. You will learn daily practices that strengthen your immune system and nourish the body’s natural ability to maintain great health throughout life - from infants to elders. 

Cost: $125 

Suitable for anyone interested in herbal medicine, ages 13+

Native Plant Ethnobotany Walk

Enjoy a nature walk through the meadows, forests, and along the river’s edge to learn about the many uses of our native plants - identification characteristics, traditional uses, and about poisonous plants to avoid.  We will balance the left brain knowledge by stimulating our right brains to create an artistic field guide as we get to know the plants. 

Cost: $75 

Anyone interested in the many uses of plants ages 13+